Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I love

That sometimes English looks like this:

And sometimes it looks like this:

But I love most that it looks like this: 
And this:

And this: 

I love English, literature, whatever you choose to call it, because it speaks truth about life. Most of the time the idea of teaching English Literature to my own students scares me to death. I don't know enough, my grammar is not good enough, I won't be able to answer their questions: all legitimate fears. But I love walking out of my literature classes and not being able to leave behind what we have talked about. I love that the things my professors talk about in class hurt me or amuse me or frustrate me because it lets me know that they mean something, and that they are real. I love that when I get back from a not-literature-related class that I am (sadly) so glad to leave behind, my escape is to grab a book and head outside. I love getting to study something that I am so deeply passionate about. 

And I will not let grammar scare me away from that.  

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Love living in an Apt...

And just to clarify an apt is an APARTMENT. But because we are extremely intelligent and mature college students, we abbreviate everything. By intelligent and mature, I mean ridiculous. But I digress.

I just spent the last five hours playing Euchre in my friend's apt with some of my favorite people. And it is amazing how good it feels to be with good people, to trash talk and laugh and just generally enjoy life together. These people make me better. They make me smile and they make my life full. It felt right and appropriate that my pilot blog should be about them. And here they are, at least some of them.

We trespass and take really pretty pictures

We make Applebees runs at ungodly hours

We laugh a lot