Monday, May 16, 2011


Commencement. It has been a scary word in my life. It always means one of two things: I have to make grown-up decisions that I feel utterly incapable of making, or my friends are leaving me. Sometimes it means both.
In the last two weeks I have celebrated my very bestest friends graduating from college, and my favorite sister:) graduating from high school. Congratulations all around!
For the latter, I was given the great privilege of making a slideshow of pictures depicting Maggie's life. May I just say, there were some winners:

She is so stinkin cute its ridiculous. I really loved going through these pictures because it reminded me, cheesy as it may sound, of what a really incredible life I have been given. My sister and I love being around each other, which is not always the case, and I feel so very blessed to know that I have this phenomenal friend with me on a regular basis. 
This slideshow that I created was for the viewing pleasure of the guests at Maggie's graduation party. From my post at the soda float table, I watched as family after family arrived to be a part of this day of celebration. I watched as Maggie greeted them with the poise and grace that she has seemed to possess from age 6. She is so beautiful, so kind, so full of joy. I loved watching these wonderful friends and family celebrate my sweet sister, watching them acknowledge the incredible woman I have always known she is. That was my happy commencement. 

Two weeks ago, my very best friends graduated from Asbury University. On the one hand, I was so happy for them, and so proud of all the amazing things they would go on to do. On the other hand, the thought of doing college without these people is nothing short of terrifying. So I found some pretty great pictures from those last few days too:

The bottom line: Commencements can be sad. But i LOVE these people. So much. They have all taught me so much, and I know that they will continue to teach me as I watch them live out the dreams we have talked about and planned for three years. 
I love you friends. You are my heroes.