Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heartbreak and the Healing Nature of Friendship

We all know that I am the queen of inconsistent blogging. Let's be honest, I've blogged four times in the last 6 months. BUT no one can accuse me of being a fair-weather blogger; I am not afraid to blog about the hard stuff.
Last summer I had my heart broken. I used to think that phrase was just something people said when a relationship ended before they wanted it to. Because your heart can't really break, right? It still works. Oh, how wrong I was. Emotional pain can turn physical really fast when it goes that deep. When someone you trust completely breaks every promise, said or unsaid, they've ever made to you, it feels like your heart will never be the same again.
In the past week I have had two close friends go through the same pain. When it happened to me, I thought  "No one should EVER have to feel this much pain." When those experiencing it are some of your best friends, it makes it that much worse. There is nothing you can do, except be there with them in this crippling, debilitating pain. And, amazingly, that helps. Just someone there who loves you, and who is willing to cry with you, rub your back, wallow with you in the feeling that it will never be ok again. Slowly, imperceptibly, that friendship starts to heal.
As painful as the experience of a broken heart is, it has made me a better friend. It has made me better able to share my friends' pain, to carry whatever small portion of that burden I can for them.
And when they need a break from the pain, there are daisies and GiGi's cupcakes.